Grow a successful million-dollar enterprise in just 6 weeks with no money down

StartUp Accelerator

We help you start and grow your business in just 6 weeks, acquire first customers and get financial backing – even without a prototype.


Application Deadline: 31. August 2021
Kick-Off: 06. Sept 2021

StartUp Accelerator

You Have A Unique Business Idea… What Comes Next?

You have thought of a truly unique business idea. You strongly believe it will make a difference to the world. But now come the crucial questions: how can you realise your idea with the least possible investment of capital and time, and is the idea really something that has a demand? You might think you lack the funds to launch your business idea, but this is definitely not the case. With the support of, developing a business strategy from an idea is effortless. Your idea might be in its early stages – it might be a small idea to begin with. But we will help you take your idea, develop it into a concept, and put together a successful business strategy. Our experts will ensure your business receives its initial customers, validate your idea, and make it simpler for you to make your initial sales. We will even streamline the process of raising funds for the development of your idea, paving the way for financial backing. And with customers and funds secured, you will instantly be backed by investors, with ease.

How Our Start-Up Acceleration Service Will Grow Your Business

You might have a clear and unique business idea, but it needs to align with your customers. This is often where many start-ups fail. You will learn how to effectively test your product or service before launching it. We will help you to analyse the advantages and details of your offer/solution to make it much more marketable and easier to sell.

A huge risk is a heavy investment in a project that doesn’t serve your customers. We help you sidestep this issue with our expert strategy – testing concepts without costs in the idea phase. We never advise investing more than $1,000 in a solution if you haven’t made a deal beforehand. Our experts have supported various projects whose solutions have generated over $1 million in sales in the test phase alone.

Following the check, certain factors will need to be decided. You will need to determine whether the business solution can be successfully brought to market or if it needs to go back to the drawing board to be changed. If it is a worthwhile business solution, next up is successfully finding an investor and gaining their financial support.

Within a 6 Week Timeframe Here’s What You’ll Achieve:

  • Learn how to take your unique business solution and turn it into a workable, flawless business model
  • Develop multiple sales channels and learn how to create a winning, successful marketing strategy
  • Trial your business solution with under 1,000 EUR
  • Establish and discover the marketing potential of your business idea and enhance your proposal
  • Successfully make your product, software or service available for clients to buy and bring it to market
  • Start making your first sales and begin to earn money with it
  • Solicit the support of investors by pitching your business solution to them – (however, your business might be so successful in the testing stage that investors are not required)
  • Get expert knowledge on serial entrepreneurship, how to frequently come up with new concepts for business and how to sell your products, services, apps and ideas with ease
  • Avoid ever investing time, energy and money into flawed business ideas that are less likely to generate a profit


We will also share with you the supreme approaches to start testing and carrying out any business concept.


Key Benefits of Our Programme – What You’ll Get

With our programme you will reap the following entrepreneurial advantages:

  • Lifetime permission to access our Connect&Growth network, the chance to increase your business network and the opportunity to share ideas with entrepreneurs and professionals
  • 12 live workshops presented by professionals and entrepreneurial experts, accessible virtually
  • Question and answer sessions carried out every week
  • Teamwork and status meetings accessible every week
  • Expert support throughout the 6-week long training programme via email and chat
  • Access to test and growth tools, and the option of accessing our template library
  • A company for rent (enabling you to trial your business solution to avoid the costs of establishing an actual company)
  • BONUS #1: A list of 500+ international investors, venture capitalists, business angels and family offices
  • BONUS #2: Investor Pitch Session and templates to win investors with your idea
  • BONUS #3: Masters of IP Protection (intensive bundle)


It has changed my whole view on how to grow successful enterprises. I have no idea why more businessmen and women don’t follow these steps! If they did, there would be plenty of successful businesses across the globe and fewer unnecessary, failing start-ups.

John Klein