A simple start to a successful business in Germany

We work every day to facilitate your business' and your personal path to success. We help you find the solution that is tailored to your needs and develop the business strategy that makes your company successful in Germany. We take over all official matters while your company is being created and personally assist you in fulfilling the obligations associated with its founding as well as those subsequent to establishment. After you company is set up, we offer you and your business a wide range of services and recognised partners.

Establishing a company in Germany is a complex matter; it is not enough to choose a company form and create it. Our office provides its clients with unique assistance every step of the way, starting from planning a German company, developing a successful local corporate strategy and starting a business, through to when you are running your German company.

Unser Team

Kristof Tomasz, CEO
Kristof Tomasz
Lars Görlitzer, Designer
Lars Görlitzer
Maximilian Kornburger, Risk Manager
Maximilian Kornburger


Kristof Tomasz, CEO
Barna Barta
Lars Görlitzer, Designer
Andrea Karpati
Maximilian Kornburger, Risk Manager
Vladyslava Shvets



Our social responsibility

Social Responsibility

Education, equal opportunities and environmental protection: these are the three most important values of our social responsibilities for which we work day after day. We spend 1% of our annual profits on the implementation of social projects which improve the future of underprivileged children and young people. We think it is essential to take care of the resources of the Earth and protect our environment as much as possible.  To do so, we have digitalised our processes, and we skip paper and electricity wherever it is possible.


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