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Request a German VAT number through a local accountant.


The EU VAT number in Germany

In Germany, the EU VAT number is called Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer, or USt.-ID for short. With this tax number, companies trading on the German market are able to pay domestic VAT (in German, Mehrwertsteuer, or MwSt.) to the local tax office in Germany.


German VAT for most products and services


For some products, e.g. food


When do I need to request a VAT number in Germany?

If a foreign company sells products (including digital products or software) to private individuals in Germany and the resulting annual income in Germany exceeds EUR 100,000, then, according to European Union legislation, domestic (German) VAT is to be paid by the company in the given country.

When do I not need to request a VAT number in Germany?

If a company offers services in Germany or if its clientele is exclusively composed of other domestic companies, there is no need for VAT registration.


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