Company Formation In Germany With Bank Account, VAT & EORI Number

Company formation in Germany

We are helping entrepreneurs from over 40 countries to start and grow their business in Germany without taking care with burocracy.


Company formation in Germany
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We had to urgently open our new business in Germany. The whole process was quite daunting but Kristof from was extremely helpful from the first moment I contacted him. Quick to respond, precise and detailed with his instructions. The whole process was made very quick and easy for us. Highly recommended!

Andy Smith, CEO
Pagani China Automotive Group

You Want To Set Up A Company In Germany
But Do Not Know Ho To Start?

To start a German company as a foreigner can be turn into dificculty, because of the German burocracy, banks which are not willing to open an account and numerous regulations that must be complied with.

Over the past years, we have guided hundreds of entrepreneurs every year from over 40 countries and 6 continents in establishing and running a successfull German company.

  • Coordinate your company registration from A to Z
  • Support you in opening a business bank account
  • Support your application for EORI number (if required)
  • Coordinate the application for your tax number and VAT number through a German tax advisor
  • And we stay by your side even after foundation.

We will be your personal success manager for the entire process, and happy to assist you at any time.

In 4 Steps To Your Company In Germany

1. Preparation and Notarization (about 3-10 days*)

With us, the preparation of your company registration in Germany usually takes less than 24 hours. However, the scheduling of a notary appointment can be delayed, depending on the availability of notaries and the city you would like to sign. Thanks to our network of notaries German-wide, we usually get an appointment faster than if someone unknown walks in off the street. No matter which package you choose, our colleagues will arrange the notary appointment for you.

It is up to you whether you decide to be present at the notarisation or whether you prefer to sign the documents abroad. The decision has no influence on our fee.

2. Bank Account Opening (about 1-3 days*)

After the notary appointment, you must open a new business account for your GmbH or UG in formation. We support you competently and quickly in opening an account with our partner banks.

3. Commercial and Business Registration (about 2-6 weeks*)

After paying in the share capital, there is a period of waiting for the entry in the commercial register. During this time you are not yet allowed to start any business activity with the company. If you would rather get started immediately after the notary appointment, you can also purchase a shelf company.

4. Application for Tax, VAT & EORI numbers (about 2-8 weeks*)

Once all registrations have been made, it is possibly to apply for your company's tax number, EU VAT number and EORI number.


* The times are based on experience, which varies from city to city and from foundation to foundation. We recommend that you calculate about 1-3 months for the entire process.


Need a faster solution? Check our imadietely available shelf companies here.

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Here Is What You Get From Us

  • Complete coordination of the registration of your GmbH or UG company in Germany (from A to Z)
  • Notary appointment in Germany (notarization is also possible from abroad)
  • Creation and wording of your business scope
  • Company name verification (IHK and more)
  • Bilingual certificate of incorporation
  • Company registration in the responsible authorities
  • Assistance with opening of a business bank account
  • Supporting your applications for German tax number, VAT number and EORI number
  • Transparency registration of your company
  • Premium business support and personal success manager
  • Online access to our Formation Assistant
  • Recommendation of tax advisor and software for bookkeeping
  • Support if needed even after the foundation
  • Virtual office in several German cities for an additional charge

Total Value: 3,800 EUR
Start Today From 1,800 EUR

Do you already know what kind of company you would like to register in Germany?

GmbH formation

The establishment of a German GmbH company requires a minimum share capital of 25,000 EUR, of which at least half, that is, 12,500 EUR, must be paid into the company’s bank account after the business is set up.

A German GmbH (limited liability company) is an internationally recognised and renowned business form that demonstrates confidence to its business partners.

Or learn more about the GmbH here

UG formation

Establishing a UG company (or Mini-GmbH) can be a good alternative to setting up a GmbH if the owners avail of less than 12,500 EUR, or if they would like to try out their idea with less financial risk at first.

A UG is also a limited liability company type. Its biggest benefit is the lower share capital of 1 EUR symbolic.

Or learn more about the UG here

Not sure?

If you are not sure regarding the company form, try our free company type configurator with which you can find the ideal legal type for your business in Germany.

Register Your German Business Today

Have questions? Click here to chat with a specialist. Is The Right
Choice For You If...

  • You want to establish a company in Germany and to have success with them
  • You do not want to take care about paper work and burocracy
  • You are looking for an around solution, which includes everything you will need to start your company in Germany
  • You would like to have a consulting company with headquarters and network in Germany at your side
  • You want a package price, without hidden fees
  • You are looking for a strong partner who still holds the old "German values", such as punctuality and fairness

+1 point for we donate 1% of our profits to charity every year.


Choose Your Formation Package And Start Online:

Formulate the business scope
Verification of the chosen company name and business purpose with the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
Exchanged Check of the company’s name
Compliance Check (KYC)
Organizing a notary appointment in your wished German city
Founders can sign at different locations
Legalization abroad is possible
Online tracking for the company formation process
Bilingual Certificate of Incorporation (German and English)
Assistant to save formation costs
Shareholders can also be foreign companies
Checklist of documents required from the foreign shareholder company
Organizing an interpreter in 25 languages for the notary appointment (Germany-wide)
Support with opening a business bank account
24-hour notification upon entry in the Commercial Register
Support with the entry in the Transparency Register
Coordination of business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung)
Online tool for generate the opening balance
Application for tax number and VAT number (via German tax advisor)
Application for EORI number (optional)
Premium Business Support
Telephone support (moday-friday 8 AM to 5 PM)
Direct contact person / Personal Success Manager
Virtual Office in 6 German cities from 200 EUR monthly from 200 EUR monthly
1,800 EUR

(+19% VAT)

2,200 EUR

(+19% VAT)

Frequently Asked Questions

In Germany, the companies with capital, – such as the GmbH and the UG – are obliged to pay corporate tax (in German: Körperschaftssteuer) and local business tax (in German: Gewerbesteuer). Both tax types are to be paid after the annual profit. The corporate income tax rate including 'Solidaritätszuschlag' at present is 15.825%, while the local business tax varies from town to town, it is usually between 7-18%. You can easily estimate your paible taxes with our free tax calculator tool.

The duration of the company establishment depends on several factors, but it can be stated in general that the registration of a newly founded company and to receive its tax numbers takes a total of 1-3 months. If one needs an immediate solution, then the process can be shortened with the purchase of an entire company, so-called Vorratsgesellschaft or shelf company / ready-made company. These are such companies having performed no active business which have tax number and bank account number. The objective of their foundation is solely their later resale.

No, it is not necessary. The company formation in Germany can be done with our office without travelling.

If the owners of the company to be established are natural persons, then all you need is your valid personal ID or passport. If the owner of the German company will be another company, then its articles of association and an up-to-date copy of the register is required from that company in official German translation and with Apostille endorsement.

After ordering, we will send you an exact list with the required documents. It is not worth getting the documents in advance, because many of the certificates are only valid for a limited period of time.

Documents required

To start your company formation in Germany, please choose a formation package at our website.

Regardless of whether your German company performs active business or not, you are to fulfil certain obligations. You can learn more about this and the occurring permanent costs in our following blog article: The costs of maintaining a company in Germany in 2023.