Virtual Office in Germany

Rent a premium business address in Germany for your company

Rent an impressive downtown address for your business and take advantage of our premium company domicile registration and virtual office services.

Virtual office Germany
  • Business address in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Grünwald, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart
  • Company sign on the letterbox
  • Daily digital scan of your postal mail, which is forwarded to you via email
  • Regular mail forwarding via parcel service
  • Meeting room rental option
  • Phone number with city code
  • Secretary service
  • Support with company formation
Virtual office Germany


Frequently Asked Questions about virtual office in Germany

1. Is there a difference between registered office services and virtual office?

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but the two services do not always mean the same thing. The registered office service means that the company you have established is registered by the court of registration at the given address. Also, you can use this address as the official address of the company.

By comparison, a virtual office service provides a high-prestigious business address, without the need for a permanent office lease. This service could include phone services, a service to receive posts and packages and occasionally it offers also a possibility to rent a meeting room.

2. When and to whom is it worth using a registered office service in Germany?

For smaller companies, a prestigious address, or a possibility to rent a conference room for a good price means easier accessibility to prestige. Since the office maintenance costs are primarily borne by the home provider, the company or self-employed can save on office costs.

Companies looking to expand abroad can benefit as well from having their headquarters in Germany in many ways, where property prices are extremely high anyway.

3. Is a virtual office legal?

Virtual office is legal, but some companies, which are using or providing virtual office are not. There are also “phantom companies” in Germany that try to hide illegal activities or hide their tax debts. GmbH-UG. is determined against the abuse of virtual office services and only accepts serious clients.

Anti Money Laundering

4. How is different from many other business address providers?

While some business address providers offer occasional office rentals, the service of also offers co-working opportunity. In addition, we also offer a premium service in mailing, as our services does not require to use c/o addressing - it is sufficient to include the name of your company in the mailing address.